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Creative Studio Morihei Seven - let them see you

What can we do for you?

A beautiful and functional website.

A website, designed and made with attention to even the smallest details, where nothing is left to chance. A website that will attract customers to you, and make your competition jealous.

Creative Studio Morihei Seven - let them see you

A consistent visual
identity design.

Visual identity design which fits to the characteristics of your business. Unique and clear. Noticeable and readable.

Attractive and readable
advertising graphics.

Advertising graphics in any form, combining both aesthetic values and effectiveness. One that you can't pass by indifferently.

Creative Studio Morihei Seven - let them see you

Coming soon

3D visualizations.

Photorealistic visualizations for architects and designers. Visualizations for exhibition companies dealing in the construction of exhibition stands and product visualizations.

Creative Studio Morihei Seven - let them see you

Some of our projects.

Kossie Clothes

Design of elements of visual identity for an exclusive clothing brand.

Gun Metal Bullets

Design and creation of a website for a company dealing with the production of ammunition.

Społeczna Jedynka

Graphic design of a new website for one of Poznań schools.

Creative Studio Morihei Seven - let them see you

Marki i klienci dla których pracowaliśmy.

Ahmad Tea London
Akademia Lekkoatletyczna Marcina Urbasia
Cash Broker
EFL Grupa Credit Agricole
Fundacja Na Rzecz Nauki Polskiej
Gun Mettal Bullets
Hands Events
Ichemad - Profarb
Kossie Clothes
Levant Foods
VMG Expo
Studio Kreatywne Morihei Seven - daj się zauważyć
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Creative Studio Morihei Seven

Os.Bol.Chrobrego 1/67
60-681 Poznań (Poland)

Office and workshop:
Ul. Księdza Szczepana Janasika 6
62-035 Kórnik (Poland)

tel. (+48) 509 154 670
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